sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

So Simple

They say that after the Lisbon earthquake (1755),
King asked the General what
had to do.
He said the King:
'To bury the dead,
care for the living and close the ports'.

This simple answer,
have very frank and direct
to teach us.

Often we have in our lives
'earthquake' overwhelming,
what to do?
Exactly what the General said:
'To bury the dead,
care for the living and close the ports'.

And what does this mean for us?

Bury the dead means that it is useless
get past the complaining and crying.
You have to 'bury' the past.
Putting it underground.
This means 'forget ' the past.
Burying the dead.

Taking care of living means that
after burying the past,
then we have to take care of this.
Take care of what was alive.
Caring for the leftovers.
Taking care of what really exists.

Doing what has to be done to
save what is left of the earthquake.

Close the ports means not leaving the
'doors' open to new
problems arise or
'come out' as we
caring for and saving what's left
Earthquake of our lives.
Means focusing on reconstruction,
the new.

This is how history teaches us.
So the story is' the master of life. "
when you experience some "earthquake, "
do not forget:
bury the dead,
care of the living and close the ports.